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Zhongda Bright Filter Press Co., Ltd.  is one of the most professional and the largest filter plate and filter press manufacturers in China. Our company is located in the city of Dezhou, just 1 hour and 20minutes’ travel from Beijing by CRH train. 
Our new industrial park covers a total area of 600,000 square meters, with workshops covering 200,000 square meters. There are over 3,000 sets of various sophisticated equipment and over 1500 employees. We promise to provide products of high quality and excellent sales and after-sales service to our customers. And we are keen to meet customers' needs. 
With strong R&D capabilities,  Zhongda Bright Filter Press Co., Ltd.  has developed and produced manual, mechanical, hydraulic and program controlled automated membrane, quick opening membrane, over beam and automated washing filter presses. Moreover, we have developed series of recessed, membrane and plate and frame filter plates, such as high temperature and pressure polypropylene membrane filter plate, rubber membrane filter plate, high temperature chamber plate, CGR plate and other types for special purposes. We have established a worldwide marketing network covering the UK, Germany, the USA, Brazil, India, Bangladesh, Thailand, Malaysia, Japan, Russia, Egypt, South Africa and many other countries and regions. We have sold our equipment for a wide variety of international applications such as mining, chemical industry, waste water treatment, food industry, edible oil, biodiesel, metallurgy, etc
Zhongda Bright Filter Press Co., Ltd. has obtained ISO9001:2008 certificate of quality management system, ISO14001:2004 certificate of environment management system and OHSAS 18001:2007 certificate of occupational health and safety management system. In 2006, according to National Statistics Office, Zhongda Bright Group ranked 145th among top 500 enterprises in the machinery industry in terms of the strength and 158th with regards to the scale and 182nd among top 500 large-scale enterprise groups in terms of the competitiveness nationwide. 
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Filter Press: Steel plate cutting-welding-machining-assemly-testing

Filter plate: PP melting-plate moulding-PP welding-plate milling-surface treatment


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