chamber plate


·     The recessed area of the chamber filter plate is molded with conical pips. The surface of the pips provides support for the filter cloths and provides a drain path for the filtrate to exit to the filtrate discharge port.
·     The chamber filter plate can be supplied with customer requested feed eye arrangement.
·     The sealing surface of the chamber filter plates are machined parallel to seal when the plates are pressurized.
·     A long working life is achieved due to most modern production techniques as well as to an excellent chemical resistance of the used thermoplastic materials even under high temperature.
·     A quick drainage and an excellent washing of the cake result in a high product quality. The hydrophobic surface prevents resp. delays plugging of drainage channels.
·     The special design of chamber plates leads to shorter filtration cycles and an increase in capacity.
·     The smooth plastic surface reduces friction between filter cloth and plate surface.
·     Compared to filter plates made from metal there is almost no loss in energy even under high working temperature.
·     The inert hydrophobic surface of PP rejects dirt, absorbs less than 0,1% water and makes a quick product conversion possible.
·     The low weight makes handling easy and shortens filtration cycles.